Dining Cocktail

From Nanotechnologies To Emerging Technologies; Towards A Global Responsibility

S.NET Conference 2015

October 18-21 2015, Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Dining Cocktail

Tuesday October 20th 2015, 18:30-22:00, Centre Mont-Royal


To further discussions begun at the conference with world renowned speakers or to widen your contact network, the Ne3ls, S.NET, CQMF and CREPEQ networks hereby invite all participants of the S.NET Conference 2015 to a dining cocktail which will be held on October 20th 2015 starting at 18:30 at the Centre Mont-Royal. A specific registration is needed to attend the dining cocktail. This registration, which costs 65.00$ CAD, includes:

  • The gourmet cocktail
  • Two drinks

To register, please follow this link.


For more informations, please contact :


Jimmy Voisine

Project Manager, Ne3ls Network

Faculty of Philosophy

Pavillon Félix-Antoine Savard

2325, rue des bibliothèques

office 428

Université Laval

Quebec City (Quebec) G1V0A6

Phone : (418) 656-2131 poste : 3816

E-mail : reseauNE3LS@fp.ulaval.ca


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